Palo Alto

Palo Alto, the birthplace of Silicon Valley

Historically, Palo Alto is more than 100 years old and named after a majestic 1000-year old coast redwood tree, El Palo Alto (“Tall Tree”), which still grows along the banks of San Franciscquito Creek, where early Spanish explorers once settled. The blend of business and residential areas anchored by a vibrant downtown perfectly defines Palo Alto’s unique character. Nicknamed the “land of tall trees,” Palo Alto’s tree-lined streets and historic buildings reflect its California heritage.

Palo Alto is internationally recognized as a place where cutting-edge technology is developed. Palo Alto is the corporate headquarters to technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Tesla Motors, Palantir, and Skype’s American headquarters. Palo Alto also serves as an incubator for technology titans including Apple Inc., Alphabet (formerly Google), Facebook, Sun Microsystems, Pinterest, and Paypal. Lured by the presence of these companies, international law firms and venture capital firms also establish offices in Palo Alto.

Today, Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, and its residents are amongst the most educated in the country. Over three-quarters of the adults in Palo Alto have advanced degrees. From elementary to high school, Palo Alto’s public school system is ranked among the best in the nation. This fact is not surprising considering the city’s close relationship to Stanford University which is consistently considered one of the best universities in the world by routinely training Nobel Laureates, preeminent scholars, and business and political leaders.

Besides being housing numerous businesses and top quality public schools, Palo Alto residents have access to an amazing variety activities and amenities. Winding throughout Palo Alto’s parks are running paths for joggers and walkers. On weekends, local Palo Altans can be found playing in parks, walking in the foothill or baylands, attending cultural activities, shopping in outdoor malls, and dining at diverse ethnic restaurants.

Within Palo Alto, there are 13 large neighborhoods (plus the Stanford Campus), each with a uniquely beautiful and distinctive character and charm. From excellent walkability to dining and shopping in Downtown, to rolling hills and multi-acre lots in Palo Alto Hills, this city offers something for everyone.

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